Alumni Profiles (1930)

     In Memory: 22
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 19
   Restricted to Alumni only


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Denver Bradshaw    
Retha Bradshaw (Stephens)    
Mabel Brawley
Erma Callis (Roark)    
Grace Cashdollar (Richey)    
Helen Chadwick (Speltz)    
Annie Laurie Clifton (Toml…)    
Lillian Belle Cosner   
Agnes Cunningham
Olin Carl Dillard    
Nettie Edwards (Howard)    
Carleen Feasel    
Louis J Gore    
Lucille Hickman
Zula Frances Hopper (Callens)    
Kate Maddox (Ridings)    
Conrad Marshall   
Ameda Leneve McCurdy (Hart)    
Eunice Murphy (Jackson)    
Irma Murphy
Byron R Olhausen    
Dessie Richardson (Wyatt)    
Joe Glenard Riley    
Helon Sorrell
Inez Turnage
Valerie Warren
Richard Wofford   
Pauline Wood (Moore)    
Maurice Wray
Opal Yates (Carter)    

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